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Welcome to VicHeli.com

Vic Heli is a large series of military games developed by Vic Gao (a military enthusiast), This series uses realistic style, Players can control various weapons to fight on the battlefield .

By own independent game engine, large war scenes can be rendered smoothly on low hardwares. The game package is very small, can be downloaded quickly. Support various screens, from the smallest iphone4 mobile screen to more than 50 inches of 4K screens, all are supported. All games offer both PC Client and Html5 and Android versions (iOS version is under developing). Client version surport Windows and MacOSX and Linux.

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Game Introduction

Developed by solo dev Vic Gao (a military enthusiast).

The background of the game is, a group of gangsters hijacked the king's munitions train which is just imported, you will control some(1-8) armed helicopter to destroy the enemy. 

Helicopters, high-speed military trains, artillery, assault missiles, interceptors, airborne machine guns and anti-aircraft guns, ground attack bomb, decoy bomb, search radar and other detail lifelike weapons and equipments, intense fighting process, bring intense and interesting war game experience.

By own independent designed engine, the game can run smoothly on low-end hardware, and the game package is very small. for example, the HTML5 version 1080p screen actual downloads only 1.8M, html5 support 4k.

The currently versions are single player versions: Windows version, MacOSX version, Linux version, Android version and Html5 version. In the future, all single player versions can upgrade to multi player versions freely.


HTML5 Free Version

HTML5 Test Version (enter game and press f11 to full screen)

Recommend Chrome, FireFox, Safari. Mobile users need to turn on the auto-rotation screen. Recommend PC users to use shortcuts to control the helicopter.

Android 1080p Test Version (size:30M,support most Android phones)

Android 4k Test Version (size:58M, for screen more than 2k or 4k)

Android 720p Test Version (size:18M,only for internal test)

English Users Download and Install

Windows users: download vicheli-windows-xxx-xxx-en.zip, extract, double click VicHeli.exe to enter game directly. or run setup.exe to install. View or Download Windows Version 

MacOSX users: download vicheli-macosx-xxx-xxx-en.tar.gz, extract, double click VicHeli.app to enter game ditrectly. or open VicHeli.dmg, drag VicHeli.app into Applications. View or Download MacOSX Version 

Linux users: download vicheli-linux-xxx-xxx-en.tar.gz, extract,double click play.sh to enter game ditrectly. run VicHeli.deb to install. View or Download Linux Version 

Html users: Mobile users need to open auto screen rotate mode. Recomended Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge browsers. Suit for smart phone, Pad, book, PC.



Windows用户:下载vicheli-windows-xxx-xxx-cn.zip,解压缩,鼠标双击VicHeli.exe可以直接进入游戏。或运行setup.exe进行传统安装。 浏览或下载Windows版 

MacOSX用户:下载vicheli-macosx-xxx-xxx-cn.tar.gz,解压缩,鼠标双击VicHeli.app直接进入游戏,或打开VicHeli.dmg,拖动VicHeli.app进入Applications即可。 浏览或下载MacOSX版 

Linux用户:下载vicheli-linux-xxx-xxx-cn.tar.gz,解压缩,鼠标双击play.sh可以直接进入游戏。运行VicHeli.deb进行传统安装。 浏览或下载Linux版 


Les utilisateurs français téléchargent et installent

Windows clients: Télécharger vicheli-windows-xxx-xxx-fr.zip, décompressez, ouvrir le VicHeli.exe directement dans le jeu. Ou installez le setup.exe . Voir ou télécharger Windows édition  

MacOSX clients: Télécharger vicheli-macosx-xxx-xxx-fr.tar.gz, décompressez , ouvrir le VicHeli.app directement dans le jeu. Ou ouvrir le VicHeli.dmg, tire le VicHeli.app dans le Applications. Voir ou télécharger MacOSX édition  

Linux clients: Télécharger vicheli-linux-xxx-xxx-fr.tar.gz, décompressez, ouvrir le play.sh directement dans le jeu. Ou installez le VicHeli.deb. Voir ou télécharger Linux édition  

Game Instructions

Download the game package, then install or enter game directely.

Destroy all enemy weapons and equipment, and then upgrade. After the upgrade, more enemy weapons and equipment can be upgraded after all. Up to 99 level.

Click the button to trigger the corresponding function.The plus button and minus button can adjust level and scale. When enemy launches missiles, the helicopter can launches jammer or missile or bomb to detonated it in the air.

Click around the helicopter, the direction of the helicopter can be guided. Click on the equipment on the train, can move the helicopter's bead.

PC users recommend shortcuts, The first letter on the screen button is the shortcut key.

   Email: vicheli@163.com