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Vic Heli Introductions

This is the first of the VicHeli series. The background of the game is , a group of gangsters hijacked the king's munitions train which is just imported, you will control an armed helicopter to destroy the enemy. 

Helicopters, high-speed military trains, artillery, assault missiles, interceptors, airborne machine guns and anti-aircraft guns, ground attack bomb, decoy bomb, search radar and other detail lifelike weapons and equipments, intense fighting process, bring satisfy war game experience.

The game package is very small, an example of the HTML5 version, 720P screen actual downloads less than 1.5M, the mobile phone screen actual downloadsless than 1M.

Required environment

Hardware for smartphones, pads, laptops, PCS.

The HTML5 version recommends Chrome,FireFox,Edge and Safari. Mobile users need to turn on the auto-rotation screen.

The minimum requirement for a browser screen is 480x320, the maximum 4096x2048.

The client version support Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

Game scale

In single player version, users can set 1 to 8 helicopters and 12 to 96 vehicles. If it's eight helicopters and 96 vehicles, require the hardware has at least 2G memory.

In Multiplayer version, there are only one helicopter per player, the remaining helicopters are online friends.

Mobile users are limited by the screen, only one helicopter can be set.

Game mode

There are two modes of play: leisure mode and level up mode. The leisure mode don't record score, all weapons are abundant, and the game can continue after the helicopter is hit. The level up mode has strict limits on all aspects of the game.

Social Interaction

Only for multiplayer version. The game has built-in social content, can add other players as friends. Friends can request support from each other, and they can offer support to each other. The main support was to provide missiles and bombs to friends.

Recharge and In-purchase

Only for multiplayer version. Each player has his or her own account, which can be charged and purchased. In our design, even if the player does not recharge , he can play the game smoothly. Recharge can be more generous when interacting with friends, of course, if your game level is high enough, it can be very easy even if not recharge.

Game rules

Destroy all enemy weapons and equipment, and then upgrade. After the upgrade, more enemy weapons and equipment can be upgraded after all. Up to 94 (96 chariots)

In leisure mode, Click the l key (level) to automatically raise the level, and the k key can be automatically reduced.

Game Operation And Control

Click the button to trigger the corresponding function.

Click around the helicopter, the direction of the helicopter can be guided.

Click on the equipment on the train, can move the helicopter's bead.

In single player version, the number keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, can select the helicopter that corresponds to the number to be the focus helicopter of the current control.

PC users recommend shortcuts, The first letter on the screen button is the shortcut key.

Mobile html5 versions (small screen versions) click screen can be full screen.

 Game Screenshot

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